Logo for the Seven Lions EP Creation. Inspiration for the logo
came from Constructivist and Industrial designs. 

Ophelia Records logo. The logo was designed with an ancient manuscript look to play against the modern logos of the genre that the label  is in.

Logo for DJ/Producer Emmibabi. The client requested a logo
that had Art Nouveau and gothic sensibilities. 

Logo for fashion label Front of Housewife. The logo was designed
to have an occult flare to reflect the gothic nature of the clothing designs.

Logo for Psytrance act Abraxis. It was designed to make reference to
60-70's scfi and fantasy book cover logos.

Logo for Visions, a livestream visual and music series hosted and performed by Seven Lions and Ophelia Records artists.

Logo for Codex Leonis, a fan group for Seven Lions.
The name is latin for "Book of the Lion" 

Icon/graphic for Kompany, a bass DJ/Producer. 
It was designed to look like a dystopian futuristic barcode.

Logo for Chronicles, a Seven Lions branded mini-festival. The logo
was designed to look like the skyline of a city and communicate
a sense of playfulness and community.

Icon for Chronicles, a Seven Lions branded mini-festival. It was 
designed as a shorthand version of the logo.

Logo for Karmaship, a cryptocurrency that was designed
to function as an alternative currency for the festival industry.

Logo for Drinking With Strangers, a Seven Lions
branded meet and greet event that takes place at breweries.

Logo for Ophelia's Nepenthe, a special microbrew that was
created for Chronicles, a Seven Lions branded mini-festival in Seattle. 
The name comes from a Seven Lions song.

Logo for The Atlas, a weekly Insomniac livestream and fan
platform/forum for the trance producer Jason Ross.

Logotype for Caster's Rites, a music series of alternative track
releases by the producer Caster.

Icon for bass DJ/producer Tynan. It was designed to expresses
the dark, gothic vibe of the brand while also having a hint of humor.